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In 2008 E. & G. Seitz founded GSnet to service B2B clients with engineering services and finally as well with marketing and sales consulting in several industrial sectors.
In 2017 GS.net GmbH & Co. KG evolved out of the sales and engineering business, because we recognized the need for low volt reliable battery technology for professional use. We serve our customer with battery solutions from our battery partner, and also develop our own product called GS-Power Batteries which are tailored for profesional application. Our energy solutions key attributes are very low weight, power, safety and communication.

The Co-founder of "GSnet" are E. + G. Seitz.
E. Seitz has over 50 years experience in business development, logistics, finance, investments and marine.
He ran successfully several companies as CEO.

G. Seitz gained over 30 years experience in the automotive and marine industry and motorsport, he has a degreed Engineer and Master of Business degree.

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Since 2020 we have a new partner Jeremy Bowman. He is a Co-Founder of HyperMotive  and has many years experience in Electrical-Engineering with low and high volt systems in the Aerospace, Motorsport and E-Mobility for industrial applications with all required forms of mobile Energy supply.

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