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We like to share our enthusiasm for new technologies with others. Understanding and using the latest innovative possibilities is very close to us, especially in connection with our sustainable ecological requirements. The choice of the LiFePO4 battery is therefore obvious.

As carefully as we choose our products, we also look for our partners. Here is a brief look at a few of our partnerships.

Our partnership with the BootsProfis

With their progressive thinking and their technical know-how, the BootsProfis, consisting of Dominik and Hendrik, are the ideal partners for GS-Power.

Together with you, we want to convey the future-oriented LiFePO4 technology and its challenges in a simple and understandable way to all water sports enthusiasts.

Our cooperation

Thanks to the expertise of the Profis, we have gained a deeper insight into the requirements that off-grid energy solutions bring with them on sailboats.

We were happy to share our knowledge about the integration of electrical applications with the boating professionals and to apply them to the “7seas” sailboat.

Our project with the Segeljungs

The Segeljungs, consisting of Tim and Vincent, have been on their world tour for three years now and have become real blue water sailors. With the many nautical miles they have collected, they know what is important on a long trip.

We planned the refit of the on-board energy together with the ‘Segeljungs’ and supported them with the installation in Malaysia by answering questions and following the conversion in the video call.

The refit

The usual case:
The old AGM batteries no longer hold their voltage. The engine has to run continuously to recharge the batteries. The system no longer inspires confidence and especially on long journeys you want to be able to rely blindly on your on-board electronics.
In addition, the 24V on-board network was operated with 12V batteries connected in series, which is also not optimal.

We equipped the Segeljungs with our new GV-24V100Ah smart battery. We have also planned new charging peripherals and display modules to bring the on-board electronics up to date. Check out the Segeljungs video to see exactly what we’ve achieved together with Tim and Vicent.

Our sales partners Sailing Insieme

Julia and Markus went sailing with their Insieme in 2019. Since then they have been sharing their experiences, including successes and setbacks, on their YouTube channel Sailing Insieme.
With the insights they have gathered, they are now starting a new project.
On the Sailing Insieme web shop they have provided a wide range of products that enable prospective blue water sailors to start their journey as well.

We are very happy to offer our product range together with Julia and Markus in their Sailing Insieme web shop. In addition to our Liontron and Super-B batteries, we are also offering our own new GS-Power batteries for the first time.

Visit the new Sailing Insieme web shop yourself or watch their video in which they explain more about their blue water platform.

Our cooperation with Hypermotive

Hypermotive is an engineering service provider in  E-Mobility and specializes in the development and integration of innovative electrical applications that are used in vehicles of all kinds with drive solutions on water and on land. In addition, there are activities in motorsport in which batteries developed in cooperation with GS-Power are used.

Hypermotive has the experience and the capacity to work with us to implement challenging energy projects.

Our competencies complement each other perfectly, which is why we work together in close cooperation.

Hypermotive is our development and technology partner for e-mobility solutions and works with us on the implementation of innovations from the idea to the prototype.