Our FLINrail+ is a 100W module and is attached to the railing using two hooks. The ability to be aligned to the sun ensures maximum energy yield. The FLINrail uses bifacial modules, they generate energy from both sides and are therefore up to 20% more profitable than conventional modules.

+: All products with bifacial solar modules are awarded a plus.

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FLINrail – solar modules for the railing

The FLINrail is the perfect solar solution for retrofitting. Without complex assembly, the solar module can be easily hooked into the railing and can be used both at anchor and while sailing. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the two available variants:
The bifacial FLINrail+ and the bifacial FLINrail+ LV with whole cells. Bifacial solar modules enable energy to be generated from both sides and are therefore particularly advantageous in diffuse light conditions. Whole solar cells halves the electrical voltage and doubles the current. This increases flexibility when choosing a charge controller.
The FLINrail can be hooked into the railing wire quickly and easily. A line runs out of each corner and disappears into the frame of the solar module. The loose ends are hooked into the foot rail or the lower railing wire using the snap hooks. If the FLINrail+ is aligned, the loose lines pull themselves into the frame of the module at the push of a button and stretch out. With the help of the four clamps in the corners, the FLINrail can be fixed at any angle.

Weight 2,5 kg
Dimensions 107 × 56 × 2 cm