GV-12V100Ah Smart


Our GV-12V100Ah Smart LiFePO4 battery is our first powerful, safe, certified and reliable lithium iron phosphate battery specially designed for 12V power supply for marine applications. With 1280 Wh, the battery has enormous endurance so that you can be supplied with emissions-free for a long time.

Light Weight – High Performance
With a mass of only 11.7 kg and a capacity of 1280 Wh, the GS-Power battery GV-12V100Ah is the optimal solution to significantly expand the capacity of your service energy. The modern integrated BMS combines safety, functionality and ease of use with improved Bluetooth connectivity. The coated connections are an ideal protection against corrosion. The compact dimensions and the easily removable soft grip make installation easier.

GS-Power batteries rely on safe LiFePO4 technology. The case has an IP65 rating and has a BMS that protects the battery from current and voltage spikes. Safety and innovation are top priorities at GS-Power.

Weight 11,7 kg
Dimensions 330 × 172 × 223 cm


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