Liontron LX Smart 12,8V 100Ah


12,8V 100Ah

Full-fledged lead-acid battery replacement with maximum service life and Bluetooth monitoring.

The LIONTRON® LiFePO4 100Ah battery is a full-fledged 12V lead-acid battery replacement with all the advantages of lithium iron phosphate technology. It has a fully integrated BMS and Bluetooth monitoring and offers a significant weight reduction, enormous energy reserves and stable voltage even under extreme loads.

The battery was developed with the aim of replacing lead batteries “one-to-one” and to fully meet the high demands that are placed on storage batteries today.

Weight: 13.0 kg Capacity: 100 Ah (max.) Discharge: 150A (200A) Dimensions in mm: 345 x 208 x 172
Integrated BMS data display via mobile app (charge status, voltage, charge / discharge current, capacity display, operating temperature, automatic shutdown in the event of security risks, etc.) 2x M8 terminals, can be connected in parallel, high number of cycles, 5 year guarantee.


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