Victron MultiPlus II 24/5000/120-50 charger/inverter


The MultiPlus-II combines the functions of the MultiPlus and the MultiGrid.

It has all the functions of the MultiPlus plus an option for an external current transformer to implement the PowerControl and PowerAssist functions and to optimize self-consumption with external current measurement (max. 32 A).

It also offers all the features of the MultiGrid with built-in anti-islanding and an ever-growing list of countries where it is legal.

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Inverter / charger

Versatile use

The MultiPlus is a powerful pure sine wave inverter, an advanced battery charger that uses adaptive charging technology, and a high-speed AC voltage transfer switch in a single compact package. There are models for the range from 800 VA to 5000 VA per module.

Unique PowerAssist function

The MultiPlus prevents overloading a limited AC power source. First of all, the charging process of the battery is automatically reduced to protect against overload. Next, a generator or shore power supply is boosted with energy from the battery.

Uninterruptible alternating current (UPS function)

In the event of a grid failure or an interruption in shore power or on-board generator, the multi-unit’s inverter is automatically switched on and takes over the supply of the connected consumers. The switchover happens so quickly (in less than 20 milliseconds) that uninterrupted operation of computers and other electronic devices is guaranteed.

Practically unlimited power through parallel connection

Up to six multis can be connected in parallel if there is a high power requirement. Three-phase or split-phase operation is also possible. Please refer to our data sheets to find out which models are suitable for parallel, three-phase and split-phase operation.

Dimensions 607 × 330 × 149 cm


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